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Why wait for test results?

Ohana Genetics is the only lab in Hawaii that provides cytogenetic and molecular cytogenetic services. Since we are located in Hawaii we can provide results quickly, as well as accurately, often before the sample even reaches the mainland!

Just call your favorite laboratory to arrange testing or . . . split your sample and call us to arrange a pick-up. We accept all major insurance providers.

In addition to genetic testing we also provide genetic counseling and professional consultations for testing performed by other laboratories.

What is your risk?

A knowledge of your family history can save your life. This knowledge can give you essential tools to produce the greatest impact on your health by prioritizing lifestyle changes and habits that will produce the greatest impact. While there are a number of genetic testing services directed at the consumer those results are minor compared to the information you can uncover with your detailed family history.

Draw your family tree (pedigree)

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